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My Expenses + Desktop Edition

My Expenses + Desktop Edition 1.0

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

You can download these alternatives:

Excellent solution for handling your personal finances

DreameeSoft My Expenses is a comprehensive tool to manage your Monthly Budgets. Create Income & Expense records of anything your have incurred or upcoming in the Desktop Companion. Have this data synched to the Pocket PC Edition in minutes and save your valuable time.

The DreameeSoft My Expenses software features ActiveSync Provider DLL which makes your life easy. The My Expenses Records are automatically synchronized whenever you connect your device to the Desktop PC. My Expenses uses the ActiveSync synchronization rules which is well known and widely adapted to keep the data on both your Desktop & Handheld up-to-date and synchronized.

Desktop Companion Features:

  • Highly customizable and attractive user interface
  • Maintain "N" number of Income/Expense records
  • Calendar view keeps you informed about the number of Expenses or Income on any day of the month
  • Notes splitter window - view or modify the Notes without any additional clicks
  • Export your Monthly Budgets to MS Word, MS Excel or HTML formats

Pocket PC Edition Features:

  • Quickly view the Budget plans you created in the Desktop on the go
  • Create or Modify the Budget plans. Synch it with your Desktop Companion
  • Calendar view keeps you informed about the number of Expenses or Income on any day of the month
  • Today Plugin - Keeps you informed about the budget plan for the upcoming 7 days

A powerful expenses and income manager for Pocket PC and desktop PC alike.

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